We Got It! (ProCES Wins “Most Impressive” Award)

The 6000th QC Circle* Conference, a gathering of various industries all over Japan where best practices of each industry/company is showcased, was held in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan last May 24-25, 2018. JFETM represented JFE Engineering (JFEE) after winning the JE1 Finals last March, 2018. JFETM is the first overseas subsidiary to represent JFEE in the said conference.

JFETM’s winning entry, ProCES (Procedure for Crane Equipment Simulation)

There were 178 competing teams which were divided into 10 groups; the presentations of the groups were done simultaneously in ten different rooms on May 24. Among the entries, 42 teams received the “Most Impressive” Award and JFETM’s ProCES was one of the recipients.

JFETM’s representatives with SMD Okamoto L to R: Mr. Okuyama, Pres. Yamagishi, Joana Jimenez,Faye Flores, Lovely Azcarraga, Sheridan Adlaon, SMD Okamoto and Reynaldo Rayo

This is the second time for JFEE Group to win the “Most Impressive” award. The first time was way back 2014. In a congratulatory message received from Senior Managing Director Okamoto, he mentioned that receiving the award reflects the effectiveness of the globalized quality approach which was successfully presented by the team.

Lovely Azcarraga receives the “Most Impressive” Award

*QC Circle is a small group consisting of first-line employees who continually control and improve the quality of their network, products and services.